Our radically ambitious roadmap for 2022 — Taking Tranquil Finance into a DeFi metaverse game world

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6 min readJan 5, 2022


Concept Art of the Capital City in Defira, our ambitious DeFi Metaverse project for 2022

Happy new year Tranqsters! It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two months since we first launched Tranquil Finance, but in this short time, we have built a great product and a great community. As the new year begins, we want to summarize our accomplishments so far and give everyone a sneak peak of our radically ambitious roadmap for 2022.


Since our initial launch in November, our team has executed at breakneck speed and not only hit all the milestones we aimed to achieve last year, but we also completed the main goal we had initially planned for Q1 2022 —our liquid staking token, stONE.

In parallel, while outperforming our original timeline, we were also able to develop and launch Mimas Finance, a fork of Tranquil on Cronos Chain. These achievements are possible only due to the extremely strong ability and execution of our team.

Below are some of the major accomplishments we want to highlight:

  • Launched the first money market protocol on Harmony with a robust oracle stack, before Chainlink, that was proven under volatile market conditions.
  • Rolled out locked TRANQ staking, sharing 75% of protocol fees earned by Tranquil Finance
  • Reached over 90 million in TVL, becoming the second largest Harmony-native DeFi protocol
  • Successfully completed a security audit with CertiK and integrated Chainlink oracles with official support
  • Launched out liquid staking token, stONE, and reached 50 million staked ONE, just two weeks after launch

Going forward, we not only want to build on our success and momentum, but also pursue a vastly more ambitious and grander vision, unifying DeFi and GameFi to create a product better than what each can achieve alone.

Defira — A cross-chain DeFi metaverse game world

Defira is our vision for a game world which not only hosts Tranquil Finance as an in-game lending protocol, but also a full suite of all major DeFi primitives, such as a DEX and a cross-chain bridge. After launching on Harmony, we will bring Defira cross-chain, including leveraging our presence on Cronos Chain with Mimas Finance.

Moreover, we are building engaging gameplay with collectable and breedable NFT heroes. As avid gamers and game developers, we plan on exploring innovative gameplay mechanics that we think truly take advantage of the strengths of blockchain-based games.

DeFi Metaverse

We envision the capital city in Defira to be a bustling metropolis filled with magical powers and fantasy races. Its main landmarks each host a fundamental DeFi primitive, creating a true DeFi Metaverse:

  • Marketplace: DEX
  • Bank: Lending protocol
  • Temple: Liquid Staking
  • Skyport: Bridge
  • Apothecary: Launchpad
  • Mint: Stablecoin
  • Vault: Yield optimizer / SSOV
  • Armorer: Insurance

In addition to their presence in the game world, each protocol will also support a non-game interface in which each protocol will be a first-class DeFi product in their own right. On other chains and for protocols we don’t have experience with, we may partner with leading projects there rather than creating our own.

Concept art of the in-game marketplace

Compared to a traditional DeFi protocol, however, the governance tokens for protocols in the Defira Metaverse will have additional functionality as resources that can be used in the game. The TRANQ token will be our first example and experiment in augmenting a DeFi governance token with additional GameFi utility.

In our initial launch, we will integrate Tranquil Finance for the lending protocol and liquid staking protocols, and we will also build a new DEX, with a focus on incentivizing stONE pairs to build liquidity for our liquid staking token. We believe this is a key step in driving the growth and adoption of stONE throughout the Harmony ecosystem.

Gameplay Vision

Our primary inspiration for Defira are 16-bit JRPG video games, like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series, that we enjoyed fondly in our childhood. The world and characters will be beautifully rendered with an anime-inspired pixel art style.

After our first milestone of building a rich game world hosting various DeFi primitives, we will release NFT heroes, featuring a summoning mechanic inspired by Axie Infinity and DeFi Kingdoms. We want to specifically focus on the quality in terms of art and animation of these NFT assets, as they will play a key component in the gameplay.

Although the NFT hero mechanic is inspired by other blockchain games, we have a unique and innovative vision for the core gameplay loop. Instead of making yet another turn based battler, we want to build a persistent grand strategy (4X) game, which truly takes advantage of the strengths of a blockchain medium.

Players can start as a small party of adventurers and work up the ranks to be the ruler of a vast empire. However, along the way, they must deal with scarce resources limited by geography, and be wary of dangerous enemies, including other players.

We want to experiment with deflationary PvP game mechanics as players compete for land and resources on persistent world map. With great risk comes great reward, as well as very gripping high-stakes gameplay.

On a more personal note, our lead developer, 0xYamcha, started programming at a young age because he wanted to make video games. Before his extensive career at a FAAMG company working on products used by billions of people, he worked briefly in the AAA video game industry, and has credits in a title in the Dragon Age series.


In the same way that Tranquil Finance is re-imagined into landmarks in the game, the TRANQ token is also re-imagined as the Tranquil Orb, a mystical gem of great magical power.

The Tranquil Orb

In addition to its current utility, the TRANQ token will be required as the cost for critical in-game features, such as summoning new heroes or purchasing land deeds. TRANQ spent this way will be permanently burned. Additionally, xTRANQ and locked TRANQ stakers will be eligible for lotteries, including for a portion of Defira’s initial Gen-0 heroes.

Defira will have its own governance token, FIRA, making our design similar to the multi-token model popularized by Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn games. However, unlike these other games, which face extreme inflation and negative price action for their in-game token, TRANQ is backed by actual utility from DeFi.

The Fira Orb

In this way, Defira’s tokenomics design augments its DeFi tokens with GameFi utility and its GameFi tokens with DeFi utility, substantially addressing the weaknesses of tokenomics in each individual model alone.

Stay Tuned

This is just a short summary of our vision for Defira, which cannot be adequately described in just one article. We have been working on this project in stealth and will share more details and in-depth documentation in the coming weeks as we approach our official announcement and launch.

For updates, please follow the project’s official Twitter account at @DefiraGame.

Organization and Decentralization

As a step towards scalability and true decentralization, our other major goal in 2022 is to establish a proper organizational structure for Defira, and all of its subprojects. Simply implementing a voting system is not sufficient for decentralization; the project needs to be structured to thrive even without the original developers.

To achieve this goal, we will start and grow a DeFi development, game and art studio, where we can scalably hire a vastly larger team of talented developers, business staff, and professional artists to truly make a world class game.



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